Summer Spectacular Cake Friends Quiz Show!!

At long last, the gargantuan episode that goes off-topic for hours and hours is available!

Episode 55 – Summer Spectacular Cake Friends Quiz Show (Kyla, Jesse, Jacqui)

Eat the Evidence: Underpants for Humanity poster

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Episode 54 of the Podcast

It’s a big, long one full of covid life nonsense and other randonmess as my guest and I try to cope with our new, weird reality. More information and the whole episode can be found here.

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Episode 53 of the Podcast is Up

Featuring Kyla Myers and Hemu Basu talking about the Austin show! Listen for free here.

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Podcast Episode 52 – Rhu Strand

Come have a listen as Rhu tells you all about Cake Minds, her fab new platform for teaching sugarcraft and supporting each other.

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Podcast Episode 51 – Christine and Phil Jensen

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Podcast Episode 50 – Reva Alexander-Hawk

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Podcast Episode 49: Mark Lie and Jesse Lesser

Hear all about their time on Holiday Gingerbread Showdown to get the lowdown on what it’s like being on a televised competition. The show and notes can be found here.

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Choux Pastry: Done!

In the first podcast episode of this year, I challenged myself to make choux pastry sometime in 2019 because my guest Anna Astashkina makes it frequently for herself.

Well here we are on December 29 and finally I have accomplished this goal, right on the edge of the deadline!

I used this BBC recipe for profiteroles and I followed it precisely, although if I ever made this again I’d use a piping bag to dispense the dough. I used one for the cream because by the time I’d made the cream, I was out of mental spoons for fiddling with literal ones anymore. I think piping the dough would have been faster with a taller result, because some of my puffs didn’t puff so much while others right beside the flat ones turned out lovely. I also think my oven may have been a bit too hot because they were quite dark at the minimum 18 minute mark, so in the future if I bothered again I’d drop the temp down a bit.

Also if I made it again I’d halve the chocolate sauce because even being overly generous with it, there’s still some left in the pot. Not that my six year old minded, clearly, as she scooped up extra sauce from the serving plates.

So that’s it, goal accomplished! Will I make them again? Maybe…they were tastier than I expected. I don’t usually like whipped cream myself but this was not overly sweet and it was really, really good. My whole family loved them, but because you pretty much have to whip the cream and then eat them soon, that makes them tricky as an after-dinner dessert for a family. So we just ate them all as a pre-dinner dessert which is a bit ridiculous. Again, not that my six year old minded.

Pardon me now while I go sleep off this sugar rush, omg…


Some puffed up fine, others stayed flat. I think piping would have been faster and more even and made more puff better.

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Podcast Episode 47 – Cake International

The 2019 Cake International coverage is up! Head over to the show page to listen and see tons of photos of demos and amazing sugar art.

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Podcast Episode 46: Giveaway!

Come listen to Mary Carmen Gonzalez Abrams and I chatting, and enter to win Mary Carmen’s giveaway of three buckets of Satin Ice fondant! Listen for free and check the show notes here.

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