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Episode 37 of the Podcast

Listen for free and read the show notes here. [Translate]

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Da Vinci’s Wild Austin Adventure

For this year’s That Takes the Cake! show in Austin, TX – which had a theme of The Science of Cake – I decided to make a cookie version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Aerial Screw, sometimes called Da Vinci’s helicopter. … Continue reading

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Episode 35 of the Podcast is Up

Go to the show page for the full episode and lots of photos showing how bad knockoffs can be. [Translate]

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Podcast Episode – Cake International 2018

Head on over to the podcast page for this informative and heartwarming episode full of cake stars! [Translate]

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The Princess and Her Dragon – Cake International 2018

For my 2018 Cake International entry, I decided to enter the Small Decorative Exhibit category and present a story of a self-rescuing princess who has no cares to give for the patriarchal institutions trying to keep her at heel. This … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 33

Featuring Kyla Myers, and you can listen and see the show notes here. Enjoy! [Translate]

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Podcast Episode 32

Come over to the show page to listen to Trinity Chapman and I talk about cake TV, our own cake disasters, and the bazillion things you need to think about when preparing a class. [Translate]

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Episode 31 of the Podcast Is Up

There may be a slight amount of Mike McCarey worship between Jesse Lesser and I in this episode… [Translate]

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Podcast Episode 30 is up

Have a listen here. [Translate]

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My Chocolate Balls Bring All The Ladies To The Yard

That is to say my “Chocolate Truffle Cake Bombs With Salted Caramel Popcorn Buttercream Centres” that I entered into the Women’s Institute 2018 Tea and Tents Bake Off competition won the chocolate category and everyone who’d had one came around … Continue reading

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