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Interview at Geek Native

I was recently interviewed about role playing games and baking at Geek Native. My answers feature tips and tricks for successful ventures in both fields. You can read it here: Please note that some of the discussions of RPGs … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Getting Parchment into a Square Pan

My go-to recipe for fast/emergency potluck baking is Brown Eyed Baker’s Snickerdoodle Blondies because I always have the ingredients on hand, it cooks up fast, and it’s really yummy. But I use parchment instead of greasing the pan because then … Continue reading

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“Pretend It’s Healthy Because It’s Got Oats In It” Microwave Snack Cake

So you know those evenings when you’re sitting around and want a nice snack but you don’t want an over-sugared box mix brownie or cupcake because it’ll wreck your sleep or be diabetic-bad or whatever? You want something tasty and … Continue reading

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Dark Chocolate Buttercream

For a long time I’ve made basic buttercream simply by beating powdered sugar and vanilla into unsalted butter, adjusting the ratios based on whether I want it to be rich and creamy (less sugar) or sweet and stiff (more sugar). … Continue reading

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Apple Pie Recipe Number 3,141,592,653 Plus Jelly

That title could’ve been longer. I still know 34 digits by heart because my kid made me sing them to her every night before bed from ages two through three and a half. Anyway. PIE! I wanted to make some … Continue reading

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Skinner Blends in Fondant

I’m making an Alien Dog cake for Peo’s birthday – at her request after Mike McCarey gave me his sample dog stand after the Austin cake show in February – so I decided it’d be easier to cover the body … Continue reading

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Heather Baird is a GENIUS: Gummy Balls!

One of my cake club friends, Chris Wingler, just pointed out this post on Sprinklebakes: Dessert “Caviar” Minus the Molecular Gastronomy; Cappuccino Mousse with Coffee Caviar OMG! Did you see that video? You can make gummy drops in oil! I’ve … Continue reading

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Two Quick Bits of News

1) The flexible, edible stained glass class this weekend closes enrollment at noon tomorrow (because I have to pre-make some gummy sheets and let them dry). So sign up fast if you’re interested. 2) I’ve made a new page of … Continue reading

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Banana Nut French Toast

That title is drool-worthy enough to stop right there, I know, but collect yourselves so we can get this party started! I was going to make myself regular French Toast for breakfast. For me that means 4 eggs, 1/4 cup … Continue reading

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Inflated Dessert

OMG. I need a helium tank. I want to try this with gummy, jolly ranchers, sugar, and everything else I can think of. [Translate]

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