Episode 64 – Sweet History Soundbites

Featuring Kyla Myers, Jacqui Kelly, and Jesse Lesser. Note this episode contains swearing and adult conversation.


Show Notes

I used a cold porcelain recipe that appears to be replicated over several sites including this WikiHow article that lists various options. As mentioned in the show, the direction that it’s ready when it pulls away from the pan is premature. I made mine on the stovetop at first but when it turned out too sticky, I microwaved it.

Also as mentioned in the show, this common recipe does cause a great deal of shrinkage. I guessed about 10% while we were recording but later did some actual measurements and it’s more like 20%. Here are some photos illustrating the shrinkage and showing how the back of thick pieces can crack:

dried piece in mould

This shows the piece I made in this mould after it’s dried out of the mould.

dried piece out of mould

Here is the same piece. You can see the significant shrinkage.


Here’s some lace I tried to make by spreading the cold porcelain very thin (which is tricky because it’s quite gloopy). You can once again see the significant shrinkage with this recipe.

flower 1

The free-hand flower I made.

flower 2

I simply sculpted petals onto a cocktail stick. It’s extremely robust. This was accidentally dropped on the floor from above-counter height with no damage.

Kyla sent me this photo from Alan Dunn‘s book on cold porcelain and said he’s happy to allow me to share his non-shrinking recipe here:

Alan Dunn cold porcelain recipe

You can find my old homemade fondant recipe here and my post about measuring gelatin here.

Robert Harwood’s amazing carousel cake can be seen here.

There appear to be several videos and tutorials that demonstrate the tattoo method, but here’s one I found by Kara Shall that does a good job of covering how to do it and how to deal with problems that arise:

The Modern Major General cake I made for my daughter’s 8th birthday can be seen in all of it’s melty glory here.

If you want more details on the Arkon Mounts scandal, you can google for various summaries out there, but here’s the video by The Creative Siren detailing how she was sexually harassed by Arkon’s VP Aaron Roth including clips of Roth’s actual objectifying and harassing language.

My post on Facebook where I measured the eggs to predict the double yolks is here.

Music/Sound Credits

The following songs and sound clips were used in this episode of Eat the Evidence. I am extremely grateful to creators who provide this content.

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Carpe Diem by Kevin MacLeod
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