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Urgent: Call Governor Perry for Baker’s Bill!

Rumour has it that the Baker’s Bill might die on the Governor’s desk today because he’s “hesitating” on it. If you care about the freedom to bake from home kitchens in Texas, please call the Governor’s office right now and … Continue reading

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New Class: Bake a Wish, Fondant Figures and Accents

I will be volunteering time to teach a class for Bake a Wish members on June 18 from 2-5 pm. I’ll be showing students how to make basic fondant figures as well as easy fondant accents. Another volunteer will be … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Birthday Cake

The day after I delivered all those music cookie boxes and volunteered at the music festival all day was my husband’s birthday. Not only was there his cake to make, but I also had to bake cakes for the class … Continue reading

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Parsnip Cookies Refined

After a couple more experiments with the parsnip cookies, I think I’ve got the recipe down now, or at least close enough that it’s tweakable by others to suit their tastes/needs (see previous experiment post here). If I come up … Continue reading

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Musical Cookies

Sorry I’ve been away from the blog, but I have good excuses that will come forth as more posts! I’ve been baking like a crazy mama for the past few weeks for multiple events, but I’ve recently returned to my … Continue reading

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So there I was making the fondant narwhal horn and I thought, “Hrm, this looks a bit pudgy for a narwhal horn. Maybe I should redo it.” Then I realized that it is destined to be shoved into the head … Continue reading

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Prepping For Class

This is what most of the supplies for a cake class for 43 middle schoolers looks like: That’s four two-layer cakes (so really, 8 cakes), four tubs each of white buttercream and chocolate buttercream, two piping bags with coloured buttercream, … Continue reading

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Yummy Parsnip Cookie Experiment and Failed Icing Attempt

Having had such great fun with tasty parsnips in previous posts, I decided to go crazy and see if I could make parsnip cookies. After all, they smell like some kind of nutmeggy muffin, so presumably they’d make good treats … Continue reading

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