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Gummy Water Drop Test

I’ve been wondering for some time if I could make nice, round ropes of gummy by running a stream of it into cold water. Today I gave it a shot, and the short answer is nope, it doesn’t work. The … Continue reading

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Pudding Cookies

I had a bunch of stuff to do tonight. I didn’t wanna. So I tossed it all aside and decided to make cookies. It seemed the right thing to do after I accidentally knocked a magnet off of the crowded … Continue reading

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Jello Origami

My Jello Americans has a cool video and tutorial on how to make Jello “Origami” using gelatin sheets. They do admit that they’re “faking” the origami insofar is it’s the shape of the final orgami crane, not an actual piece … Continue reading

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Epic Cake Structure

Oakleaf Cakes made a life-sized Storm Trooper cake for a sci-fi convention. Even better, they photographed many steps along the way so if you’ve ever wondered what kind of structures are inside one of these amazing cakes, go check out … Continue reading

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Biscuit Brothers Holiday Cake

I’ve been remiss in posting photos of several of my recent cakes. Since the guys asked me to post these, though, I’ll at least put up pictures of this cake that was donated to The Biscuit Brothers for their annual … Continue reading

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Monte What-I-Had-In-My-Fridge-O Sandwich

I saw this great cooking video on Google+ today about something called a Monte Cristo sandwich, which is basically an egg-dipped, fried ham and cheese sandwich. Check it out below (contains some swearing, which I think is funny but might … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Steaks

We love to roast cauliflower florets tossed in olive oil with a bit of salt and garlic powder on it. But this Bon Appetit recipe takes it to a whole new interesting level we’ll have to try soon (although I’m … Continue reading

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Storage and Banana Bread

Two quick updates today to close out the holidays: 1) I made some of Breadtopia’s Moist Whole Wheat Banana Bread and it is lovely. I followed the recipe exactly. It is fairly sweet for “bread”, more cakey really, so next … Continue reading

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