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It’s My Birthday – All of My Writing is On Sale!

I just posted a mega-coupon for my novel “Finding Gaia” (details here): use code TD72Z to get it for $1.99, the lowest price ever, until November 29 at Smashwords. But then I figured, “Hey, if I post that to the … Continue reading

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The Beheading of the Bird

Chandra Achberger is a very talented photographer and snapped this perfect photo as her family decapitated the Artist Turkey they bought from the school bake sale: Reprinted with permission from her blog post here. I may have told her daughter … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Or as my friends back in Canada call today, “Happy Thursday!” Either way, it’s always a good day for amusingly decorated cake! Last year I donated two large turkey cakes and four mini ones to my daughter’s school bake sale. … Continue reading

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Apple Pie Recipe Number 3,141,592,653 Plus Jelly

That title could’ve been longer. I still know 34 digits by heart because my kid made me sing them to her every night before bed from ages two through three and a half. Anyway. PIE! I wanted to make some … Continue reading

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Rainbow Turkey Cake

So I said to my husband, “I’m going to make a rainbow turkey cake to show how folks can alter the instructions in the Turkey Cake ebook to be creative. And because it amuses me. And because it’d be an … Continue reading

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Quick Food Tip – Keeping Breakfast Warm

I love fried eggs but hate them cold. I learned years ago that part of the secret to keeping them warm is to serve them on a warm plate. To do this, right before my eggs are ready I wet … Continue reading

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Cute and Easy Turkey Cakes eBook

If you couldn’t come to Austin for my Mini Turkey cake class, you can still buy the 21-page, full-colour handout as a PDF. I’ve posted a whole page about it here: Impress your friends and family this Thanksgiving either … Continue reading

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Last Chance for Mini Turkey Cake Class!

If you want to take my Mini Turkey Cake class – which is an excellent beginner-level fondant class! – you need to sign up before Saturday morning: We’ll be making the little ones shown in this picture, but it … Continue reading

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