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Popcorn Pancakes

I wanted a legitimate reason to eat popcorn for breakfast because I was craving it and feeling blerghy about trying to eat anything else. I googled around and found various ways of turning popcorn into cereal with milk but that … Continue reading

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Review: The Chew Cookbook

I was asked recently to review a new cookbook based on a US television show called “The Chew”, a cooking/talk show featuring Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, Daphne Oz, and Michael Symon. I warned the PR representative that I … Continue reading

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Easy Toddler-Friendly Popsicles

Somewhere in this still-not-fully-unpacked-and-sorted kitchen are at least three popsicle contraptions. I have a regular little plain one, a set Peo got as a really cool goodie-bag gift from a birthday party that makes rocket pops, and a set that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Wild Eats

Disclaimer: I was sent a free copy of this book for review. I was upfront that I only do honest reviews. All opinions stated here are mine and I have not been paid or compensated other than the free copy … Continue reading

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I Am On Team Goop/Back In The UK

For those who didn’t already know, I spent the last 8 weeks back in Austin. We got our stuff out of storage and promptly re-packed it for an international move. We sold the car, we’re in the process of selling … Continue reading

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This is going to be a quick little post because we’re in the middle of an international move. But while we’re temporarily back in the US to get our stuff packed up and sent to England, we’ve been eating US … Continue reading

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Cubed Bacon With Asparagus, Mushrooms, and Noodles

That’s right, I said cubed bacon. Not sliced or crumbled, but cubed. Because I’ve been getting this wonderful smokey, salty bacon from Radmore Farm Shop down the street, and sometimes it comes super-thick cut like this: It occurred to me … Continue reading

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Bacon Pancakes, Makin’ Bacon Pancakes

Some of you may be aware by now that I have a slight fandom for Hugh Jackman and Wolverine. So it would not be that surprising that my friends would make sure I was aware of this: Good morning…. A … Continue reading

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Sugar Free Banana Custard Oatmeal

This is my best breakfast recipe yet. It’s ridiculously delicious, hearty and filling for hours, has no added sugar (or sweeteners), and is made entirely of basic, inexpensive ingredients that are easy to have on hand. I’ve long liked oatmeal … Continue reading

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Mushroom Poutine Grilled Cheese Sandwich

WARNING WARNING WARNING! This post is going to involve a lot of unhealthy but delicious food. Think diner food. Yum, but probably lethal. WARNING WARNING WARNING PART 2! This post does not include a recipe. It includes mention of ingredients … Continue reading

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