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Christmas Gummy Contest Wrapup

A couple of weeks ago I held a contest where I asked folks to make up silly versions of Christmas carols using themes from the Alien movies to amuse me after I made a red and green gummy candy version … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty “Wedding” Cake for Bake a Wish

‘Tis the season of giving, so when I saw a request on the Bake a Wish board for a girl turning 11 who wanted a Hello Kitty wedding-style cake (with assurances from the staff that they were only requesting a … Continue reading

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Christmas Alien Gummy CONTEST!

[insert clever filk of a holiday song parodying the Alien movies here] Because I made this today while doing a gummy demo at a National Instruments Alternative Gift Fair: That’s right: I made Christmas Alien Head Gummy. And normally at … Continue reading

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World Domination Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

In the beginning, there was a recipe cut out of a magazine, and lo, it was meh. For it contained too much sugar, insufficient flour, and way too few chocolate chips. Then there were the years of tweaking, years filled … Continue reading

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Actual Baby Carrot

So-called “baby carrots” you buy in the store are not earlier-picked carrots. Usually, they are a sweeter variety and machined down into smaller, rounded, peeled chunks. They aren’t any more or less healthy; they’re simply pre-cut and shaped, and thus … Continue reading

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Marbled Gummy

A G+ friend asked about marbling gummy while its in a viscous state. However one of the difficulties with gummy is that it pretty much has no viscous state. It’s not like a syrup that thickens as it cools; it … Continue reading

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I Haz Gummy Minifig Army and So Can You!

Someone was circulating an animated gif drawing of wobbly LEGO on G+ today. Jokes about GELO were made. Then some of my friends thought maybe I could make something like that. Heck yes. So fine, world, here are the seeeeeekrits … Continue reading

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Random Cake Decorating Quick Tip #1

I should start doing more of these. You can use white gel food colouring to create really cool effects on dark fondant. My avatar all over the internet is this fondant Marvin. His head is made out of black fondant … Continue reading

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