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Breaded Parsnips

I haven’t posted much because I’ve been on single-parent duty all week while my husband was out of town for work, plus I had knitting classes with the middle schoolers at my daughter’s school, so there have been a lot … Continue reading

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Link: Giveaway of Austin Family Music Festival Tickets

I’m still considering what I can do for a cake-related giveaway on this blog, but in the meantime here’s an awesome giveaway at LiveMom! You can win tickets to the Austin Family Music Festival here: And please spread the … Continue reading

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I won at Firefly Confections!

Firefly Confections has a new blog and asked people to comment for a giveaway. I commented mostly to support a new blog, because I know what it’s like to hear those crickets chirping and wonder if anyone’s reading. But then … Continue reading

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Modelling Chocolate Head Demo

Warning: this post contains disembodied heads and mangled faces made out of chocolate. Sensitive viewers and young children who may be upset by such things should not scroll down, but click here instead for very sweet pictures of fostered kitties … Continue reading

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Smashed Cheesy Breakfast Potatoes

A couple of weeks ago I saw this Kraft recipe for smashed potatoes that were more or less still whole potatoes, as opposed to mashed, but fried. I liked the idea, but not the suggested recipe, because I don’t like … Continue reading

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Link: Amazing Royal Icing

Look at this gorgeous and detailed church scene by Vanilla Bean Baker. What I love about that is not just the fantastic skill of building a three-dimensional object out of piped royal icing, but the fact that the detail extends … Continue reading

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Choco-Strawberry Croissant of Goodness

The other day I took a croissant out of the freezer and before warming it in the microwave, sliced it and stuffed in a few Ghiradelli 60% dark chocolate chips. It was yummy. I was about to do something similar … Continue reading

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Capital Confectioners’ Club announces new classes

My home cake club in Austin, the Capital Confectioners’ Club, will be offering a class each month at All In One Bakeshop. Club members are volunteering their time to teach these classes to benefit the club, which hosts the annual … Continue reading

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Recipe Review: Oatmeal Cookies with Splenda

I had a hankerin’ for some oatmeal cookies but wanted to go low-sugar since I’m vaguely diabetic and shouldn’t be eating too much of that stuff. I found a recipe called, “Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Made With Splenda Sugar Blend for … Continue reading

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Product: Lightsaber Popsicles

It’s April 1. Time to go to ThinkGeek and see what they’re playing at. OMG! Lightsaber Popsicles I could totally make gummy Lightsabers with those! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Okay, it’s just a joke product, but sometimes ThinkGeek turns joke … Continue reading

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