Episode 67 – Jesse Lesser, Stacy Frank, and Blaque Shelton

Featuring Jesse Lesser, Stacy Frank, and Blaque Shelton as The Misfits from Disney’s Foodtastic.


Show Notes

Black Panther and Rocket Raccoon

Their actual final entry on the show.

promo team

Promotional shot of the team in the discussion room.

final shot

The team posing with the art and one of the crew in a Black Lives Matter shirt, featuring a better view of the ground than was shown on the air.

Jesse clapboard

Jesse with the clapboard for her sneaky shot, as told in the podcast.

Stacy garbage bag

Stacy masked up and garbage bagged for her gingerbread-covered sweater.


The tag from the wardrobe department admitting that Stacy was right about the sweater!

And then a bunch of fun shots from their travels, the hotel, and on set:

Music/Sound Credits

The following songs and sound clips were used in this episode of Eat the Evidence. I am extremely grateful to creators who provide this content.

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