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Roasting Chicken Table

[Skip my explanations and jump straight to the printable chart.] We’ve moved to a new house and I’ve been porting over my cupboard notes to the new kitchen. By this I mean the things I keep taped up in the … Continue reading

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Pancakes Made Portable

Several years ago I blogged about my Healthy Oat Pancakes, and those are still a staple breakfast for me. But I’m about to be travelling abroad for an extended period of time (more about that in another post soon) where … Continue reading

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Measurements Around The Globe

It came up in a conversation on Google+ that folks in some areas can’t buy butter by the stick and don’t want to measure it by the cup, so the question of measurement by weight was raised. For those who … Continue reading

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Four Pounds Project – Extension #2: Packaging Waste

First there was the main Four Pounds of Cheese Project in which participants photographed a week’s worth of discarded food items. Then I went a step further and also photographed inedible but still food-like waste that same week. Here is … Continue reading

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Four Pounds Project – Extension #1 – Inedible Food Waste

As mentioned in the Four Pounds of Cheese Project post, I decided to go beyond the edible waste photography and take a record of other food-related waste that week. This post is the inedible food. Next will be food packaging. … Continue reading

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The Four Pounds of Cheese Project

A few weeks ago, Jenni Field of Pastry Chef Online learned via National Geographic that the average American purchases 28 pounds of cheese every year but wastes four of them. Inspired to raise awareness of food waste and to work … Continue reading

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