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The Podcast Is Over

This is the official announcement that the Eat The Evidence podcast has concluded. Despite shielding, in 2022 I contracted covid because of the UK lifting its mask mandate in schools. My teenager’s school was quickly overwhelmed by covid cases so … Continue reading

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Choux Pastry: Done!

In the first podcast episode of this year, I challenged myself to make choux pastry sometime in 2019 because my guest Anna Astashkina makes it frequently for herself. Well here we are on December 29 and finally I have accomplished … Continue reading

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How To Get Your Entry Into Cake International

Over the years I’ve had a lot of questions about the logistics of getting entries actually into the hall at Cake International, so I decided to do a blog post about it, and I’ve given permission to the show to … Continue reading

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Vermicelli Hair at Birmingham Cake Show

Okay, going to a cake show where you’re not a volunteer or part of the core management team is a whole different experience than I’m used to! At the Cake International show at the Birmingham NEC – one of the … Continue reading

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Itty Bitty Teen Weeny Pumpkin Fairy For Halloweenie

As previously mentioned, I’m in the UK for a year so I don’t have most of my cake decorating tools. In fact I typed this paragraph while attempting again to stack ganached cake layers for Peo’s birthday cake since the … Continue reading

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Austin Cake Show Wrap-Up

It was another exciting year at the That Takes the Cake! Sugar Arts Show here in Austin, and I’m thrilled to report that I accomplished my goal in winning the Innovator Award. This was a new prize at the show, … Continue reading

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It’s My Birthday – All of My Writing is On Sale!

I just posted a mega-coupon for my novel “Finding Gaia” (details here): use code TD72Z to get it for $1.99, the lowest price ever, until November 29 at Smashwords. But then I figured, “Hey, if I post that to the … Continue reading

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Cute and Easy Turkey Cakes eBook

If you couldn’t come to Austin for my Mini Turkey cake class, you can still buy the 21-page, full-colour handout as a PDF. I’ve posted a whole page about it here: Impress your friends and family this Thanksgiving either … Continue reading

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Sunday Sweeted Again! Plus a Peek Into My Cake Cabinet…

I’m thrilled that one of my cakes has been featured on the Sunday Sweets segment of CakeWrecks! Sunday Sweets: Beatle Mania Mine is the one with the Rattles on it: More pics, including several in-progress, are here. As of this … Continue reading

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Upcoming stuff

Here are some food-related things I’ll be doing in the next few weeks: Aug 1 – Aug 8 Participating in the Four Pounds of Cheese Project, an examination of food waste where participants photograph food they throw out. I’ll blog … Continue reading

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