Dynamic Figure Modelling

A PDF version of the handout for my Dynamic Fondant Figure Modelling class where students learn about wire armatures, posing, facial expressions, and other ways to get their figures up and appearing to move around on their cakes. 24 pages, over 30 full colour step-by-step photos. Note that the class is Intermediate level and assumes students already have basic fondant figure modelling skills. To learn those basic skills for free, see my Fondant Figure Modelling 101 tutorial.

Available at Craftsy and Gumroad for only $10!

cover for ebook

sample pages

Detailed instructions with step-by-step photos and lots of tips will help you get your figures up and “moving” on your cakes!

Tools and Supplies Required:

– needle nosed pliers
– 18 gauge stem wires, 18″ long (look in the florist section of a craft store), need 2 per figure
– fondant in assorted colours including your preferred flesh tone
– toothpicks
– block of styrofoam (ie a cake dummy) as a work surface
– ball tool
– small sharp knife
– fondant sculpting tools
– small brush and water

The ebook includes a template to print out, requiring a printer and standard 8.5×11 paper.


Ask away in comments below or let me know if you find any errors!

10 Responses to Dynamic Figure Modelling

  1. Francine says:

    Hi. Your tutorial is great and am contemplating buying the ebook. One question: is the use of wires necessary or can the figures be done with skewers or lolipop sticks? I don't care too much for using wires. Thank you.

    • Hi Francine, the ebook primarily focuses on using wires and doesn't go into alternative methods in any detail. But if you are experienced in using those other methods, the lessons in this ebook about how to pose your figures and bring life would still apply. I definitely use a lot of toothpicks instead of wire whenever I have a seated figure. Being able to make a figure stand – particularly on one leg – will be very precarious without some kind of solid and mounted armature. It can be done, but expect a lot of time to be needed to dry things to rock hardness (and using a fondant/gumpaste that will allow for that) and keep in mind that transporting cakes with toothpick-based standing figures will be very, very tricky.

  2. Reatha Lassiter says:

    Wonderful post!

  3. Marian says:

    Hi Kimberly I am in Bahrain and would love to have your book can you send me the details how to place the order

  4. Marian says:

    I place an order for the e book yesterday – but I have not received any confirmation nor any details of same could you please let me know how i will get it



    • Hi Marian, I don't control the external website but it should be if you go to where you purchased it at https://gumroad.com/l/dynamicfondantfigures it will now let you download it. You should also have received an email confirmation of your purchase, assuming you entered your email address correctly.

      • Marian says:

        Hi Kimberly as I mentioned I have not received any confirmation of my purchase todate, my email address is masushma@batelco.com.bh – If I am not troubling please can you check with them and let me know the status and pass the e mail address in case if something has gone wrong

        • Unfortunately you will have to contact them yourself as you are the customer and they are the supplier, so I don't have access to your account. I only get a notification that a purchase has been made and then at the end of the quarter they send me any money accrued.

          You need to visit the page where you purchased it https://gumroad.com/l/dynamicfondantfigures . The download will be there. If it is not, please see https://help.gumroad.com/11167-Buyer-FAQ/safe-buy… for how the purchase works and how to contact them if there's a problem.

          Also, these comments are moderated, so it does take me time to get around to approving them. Sending multiple comments to complain that your comment has not yet shown up doesn't make anything happen faster.

  5. Akinsanya aminat says:

    Pls how can i buy the dynamic book

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