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Accident Pie – Or How I Invented Chocolate Gummy

I was in the middle of a bunch of posts about the main gummy recipes since this week I developed a good clear gummy recipe as part of that flexible, edible stained glass ebook I’m working on. Then I got … Continue reading

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Measuring Gelatin

I’m working on a post for my new clear gummy recipe and the recipe template program I use has a pull-down menu for units that doesn’t include “envelope” (it has “packet” but that means different things to different people). I … Continue reading

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Banana Nut French Toast

That title is drool-worthy enough to stop right there, I know, but collect yourselves so we can get this party started! I was going to make myself regular French Toast for breakfast. For me that means 4 eggs, 1/4 cup … Continue reading

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Peo went to two birthday parties this weekend. Both served vanilla cake. Yesterday, she liked vanilla cake. Today, she cried when there was no chocolate option, insisting that vanilla is “too filling”. This is probably because yesterday she had lunch, … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Spray-On Shine

The following is a complete, accurate, and in no way embellished version of a conversation from Mike McCarey’s Guitar Cakes class earlier this week. Really really*. Also: you should all remember that it’s very dangerous to confront a spatula-wielding madwoman … Continue reading

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