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Roasting Chicken Table

[Skip my explanations and jump straight to the printable chart.] We’ve moved to a new house and I’ve been porting over my cupboard notes to the new kitchen. By this I mean the things I keep taped up in the … Continue reading

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The Podcast Is Over

This is the official announcement that the Eat The Evidence podcast has concluded. Despite shielding, in 2022 I contracted covid because of the UK lifting its mask mandate in schools. My teenager’s school was quickly overwhelmed by covid cases so … Continue reading

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3D Candy/ChocoBlood-Filled Tombstone Cookies

This post originally appeared on another external blog in 2016. That other blog has since been abandoned, so I am re-posting it in its entirety here now. Hi, I’m Kimberly from Eat the Evidence, and I specialize in coming up … Continue reading

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Podcast Announcement

I have to put the podcast on hiatus until I can breathe and talk at the same time again. Information here, including how you can participate in keeping mini episodes going.

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Podcast Episode 68 – Merry Mischief Bakers

Go here to listen and learn all about the team’s second big win at the National Gingerbread Competition!

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Podcast Episode 67 – Jesse Lesser, Stacy Frank, and Blāque Shelton

Check out the latest episode of the podcast where the Misfits from Disney+’s Foodtastic let us in on all the background stories!

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Podcast Episode 66 Featuring Jacqui Kelly

As always, Jacqui takes on several wild rides so be sure to tune in for all the shenanigans!

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Quick and Variable Tool-Themed Cookies

For those times when you need something to go with a fix-it theme or something more rugged than flowers, here’s a free tutorial on how to make cookies with little gears and various screw/nut/bolt heads. This can be applied to … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 65 – Sarah Hadley-Rainsford

Come have a listen and see the show notes here!

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Episode 64 of the Podcast – Sweet History Soundbites

Listen and read the show notes here!

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