Product: Lightsaber Popsicles

It’s April 1. Time to go to ThinkGeek and see what they’re playing at.

OMG! Lightsaber Popsicles I could totally make gummy Lightsabers with those! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Okay, it’s just a joke product, but sometimes ThinkGeek turns joke products into real ones, like plush bacon. So if you love the idea of Lightsaber Popsicles and/or Gummy, go to this page and tell them. Maybe by next year, we can have them for real!

Also, I totally need the De-3D glasses since 3D movies, games, etc. make me nauseous. Heck, 2D can do it. Took me a couple of days to get through District 9 with all of that shake-cam, and I love Spiderman but after the first movie had my head swimming I have not yet braved the sequels. Unfortunately, that one’s not so plausible, but Lightsaber Popsicles are given that they already have swords.

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