Prepping For Class

This is what most of the supplies for a cake class for 43 middle schoolers looks like:

Box of cake supplies

Now if only it had levitation power...

That’s four two-layer cakes (so really, 8 cakes), four tubs each of white buttercream and chocolate buttercream, two piping bags with coloured buttercream, five squeeze bottles with coloured royal icing, four spatulas, two serrated knives, one cloth, one towel, and a box of tips and couplers.

Not shown are four cake platters, a package of napkins, a box of forks, two turn tables, and the class handouts. They’re getting a four-page cake decorating primer I wrote just for them, plus copies of handouts I’ve made in the past for cake club demonstrations. Mind you, I’m not bothering with those extra handouts until the second class on Wednesday when we cover fondant.

Yes indeedy, what’s in that box is just for the first of four days of seminars. Wednesday will be making and playing with fondant, and I’ll bring my cake books that day for those who might want to flip through them. Next Monday we’ll cover cakes with fondant and do some sculpting (so I’ll have to do this much cake again), and then the following Wednesday we’ll put it all together to make a giant cake to serve to the whole school at the end of the day (so I’ll have to do even more cake).

All volunteer-based. That’s how I roll.

And my kid doesn’t even get in on the deal since she’s in primary. This is a special seminar series just for the middle schoolers. Last week I did two knitting sessions with them. I’m either a hard-core crafty commie or functionally insane. Possibly both.

Also not shown: how swollen and sore my feet are after baking and making buttercream all day and evening.


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