Back in the post about gardening, I mentioned having a couple of bean pods on our plant. We picked ’em and check out this mighty haul:

Beans and Pods

At least one of these will eventually net us golden eggs, right?

Okay, maybe not such a big haul. After consultation here and around the interwebs, I decided to just microwave them in a bit of water for a short time as if I was lightly cooking some frozen peas, although less time since they weren’t frozen. They popped a lot, right out of their skins.

Peo asked that I try one so I did, and even though I don’t like beans, it was quite nice. Not as much of the sweet green flavour of peas, but not the chalky texture I usually associate with beans. Maybe I should be eating more fresh beans!

Then I tried to snap a picture of the rest of the cooked ones but look what happened before I could:

Peo eating the last bean

Hey, where'd all the beans go?

Wow. Apparently getting a kid to grow her own veggies and then eat them minutes-off-the-plant fresh is so good that no added fat, salt, or other flavours are required. It’s like magic!

We have spent very little time and almost no money on this bean plant project. There’s hardly enough to serve as a staple but showing a kid that a healthy food can be grown and be yummy is a valuable lesson. I guess I did get a golden prize out of the deal after all!

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