About to Experiment!

If you hear any mad cackling from South Austin today, it’s just me experimenting with gummy to prove that some concepts I have actually work in advance of performing them as a demonstration at Capital Confectioners’ Day of Sharing and the subsequent Gummy class I’ll be teaching. All funds go to Capital Confectioners, although if anyone wants to actually pay *me* in the future for more classes, I’m open for bookings after July 24!

In the meantime, if you’re in the area, sign up for the events above fast before the spaces fill up. We expect our Day of Sharing to sell out this year and early bird pricing ends June 25. The club’s classes have also been selling out, probably because we keep offering great classes for ridiculously low amounts of money with all supplies included as part of the mission of spreading cake arts to the community.

Just to be clear: my gummy demos and classes will go beyond the basic tutorial on my website. I’ve given the easy, kid-friendly stuff away for free but hoping that’ll entice many of you to come learn wicked-cool advanced techniques while helping to fund the cake club.

Off to the lab kitchen! Muahahahahahaha!

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