Breakfast Recipe Review/Tweaking

I follow a lot of bakers lately on Twitter as I comb the internet daily for cool things to post to the Capital Confectioners blog. This means I find a lot of recipes I’d like to try in my copious free time (be sure to read those last three words in a heavy sarcastic tone).

But I have tried one, and it’s been working well as a fun breakfast while I’ve been single-parenting this week with my husband out of town on business and I need to get our daughter fed and out the door in time for her summer camp. Also, I have a lot of health issues that combine to make it really hard for me to eat breakfast because, frankly, I feel nauseous every morning so I can’t eat anything unless it’s truly yummy enough to override my nausea.

Enter Chocolate Covered Katie‘s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pancakes. Katie’s recipes are vegan, which is pretty much the opposite of me since I’m a carnivore who, for medical reasons, needs a lot of protein with every crumb of carb, so I had to tweak the recipe from the get-go to un-vegan it. So I’ll give you my version and you can use Katie’s, mine, or something in between that suits your needs. You’ve got options! Yay!

I’ve tried it with white flour, which was pretty tasty, but then later tried it again with whole wheat flour and it was still tasty with the benefit of making me feel full faster and for longer without having a carb crash later. On subsequent preparations, I’ve also tried adding some of the non-flavoured whey protein powder I have leftover from our last IVF attempt (during which I have to eat extremely low-carb and end up faking a lot of food with protein powder mixed with egg and some kind of flavouring). You can definitely leave the protein powder out if you don’t already have some around the house; I’m using it because it’s already in my pantry and anything that makes the food more protein-rich is good for my dietary needs.

The best part about this recipe is I can make most of it the night before when I’m lucid, and easily add the wet ingredients in the morning while clueless. Plus note that I routinely double Katie’s recipe since I’m feeding multiple people. Since going to whole wheat and adding the protein powder, the amount cited below feeds me, my five year old, and leaves two or three leftover as a snack for later. So go with Katie’s original recipe or halve this if you’re feeding one person.

Revised Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Dry Ingredients (can be mixed ahead of time)

2/3 cup whole wheat flour (or AP)
2/3 cup oats (I’ve been using quick oats since I had some but I bet regular rolled would also work)
1/4 tsp salt
1.5 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp whey protein (optional, see above)
1 tbsp splenda for baking (you could also use sugar, but I’m trying to keep this diabetic-friendly)
between 1/2 cup and 1 cup of mini chocolate chips (I just pour some in until it looks like a desirable amount)

Wet Ingredients (add just before cooking)

2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla


Butter for frying


Mix all the dry. Add the wet and mix thoroughly. Lightly grease the pan with the butter (very lightly, no need to swim in it!). Spoon in some batter at the size desired. Flip when the edges start to show signs of bubbles. Be careful not to overcook or they’ll turn out dry and chewy. Re-apply a tiny bit more butter before adding more batter to the pan.


If you just can’t abide the idea of chocolate for breakfast, substitute blueberries instead. This morning I left out the chocolate chips and put in a cup of fresh, organic blueberries (since we have a giant Costco pack of them) and they were very yummy.

Update: on July 17, I tried ’em with chocolate chips and blueberries. FANTASTIC. Do this!


Evidence of these get consumed pretty fast and we’ve been too busy for me to take pictures, but they look like pancakes with chocolate chips in ’em. Basic, reasonably healthy, and delicious. Nom nom nom!

PS: A note about brown sugar, which appears in many of Katie’s recipes because, I suspect, she assumes it is a healthier sugar: it’s not any healthier than white sugar if you’re in the US. Brown sugar in some countries is a less refined sugar that may or may not be more healthy, but in the US brown sugar is white sugar with molasses added back in. There are good flavour and texture reasons to use brown sugar instead of white, but packed brown sugar will usually come out to more calories than the same volume of white. If you’re in the US and want a less refined sugar, you need to look for Turbinado, Muscovado, or Demerara sugar.

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4 Responses to Breakfast Recipe Review/Tweaking

  1. chocolate-katie says:

    Aww I'm so excited you made a version of the pancakes!

    What's so great about recipes is that they're not set in stone, and so you get to tweak them to fit your own desires :).

  2. Mindy says:

    Griffin is discovering the tweak-ability of recipes and is determined to make a whole new surprise food. I am being mean and making him use a recipe at least once before he messes with it.

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