Bake A Wish Fondant Figure Class

The creation of my Fondant Figure Modelling 101 tutorial was largely prompted by volunteering to teach a class for Bake a Wish Austin. The students in that class varied in their experience with fondant but I don’t think any had much experience with making human figures.

But in just a few hours armed with the basic steps from the tutorial (and less photos!), look at the great figures they made! We started with the basic human, but then by request I also whipped up a fast monkey based on a photo in a book. One student even made a great baby with sweet little chubby leg rolls. I was truly impressed!

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3 and monkey

Figure 5

Baby Figure

Figure 7 - SoCo Dude

Figure 8 and monkey

Purple Monkey

That last one just needs a dishwasher!

All photos were taken with permission for posting, but I didn’t get names of the creators. If you want your name put with your photo, just comment to let me know which one is yours. If you’ve got a website you want linked, I can do that too.

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