Upcoming stuff

Here are some food-related things I’ll be doing in the next few weeks:

Aug 1 – Aug 8
Participating in the Four Pounds of Cheese Project, an examination of food waste where participants photograph food they throw out. I’ll blog the photos at the end.

Aug 8
I’ll be teaching a free basic cake decorating class to kids at Helping Hand Home For Children.

Aug 9
I’ll be donating the dessert for the monthly Capital Confectioners club meeting.

Sep 11
I’ll be doing another Gummy demonstration, this time at The Houston Cake Club’s Day of Sharing, even though I’m not listed there yet. It’s only just been confirmed.

Nov 20
I’ll be teaching another volunteer class for Capital Confectioners, this time my turkey cake. Registration is open now.

There will no doubt be some other cakey goodness in between those dates as well, since I’ve signed up to donate another Bake a Wish cake, Peo’s birthday will be in October (although she usually makes most of her own cakes now with my assistance), and I might donate something to one or more of her school events, depending on time and fatigue levels.

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