Mmm, Edible Carbonite

Want to see a five-year-old eat the pearled Han Solo in Carbonite gummy I posted about yesterday?

Of course you do.

My daughter chose that one for dessert tonight. I said, “You can have that one, but only if I get to exploit you in photos on my food blog only if I can take some funny pictures of you eating it.” I may as well have poured chocolate sauce on it. She was enthralled!

Peo holding Carbonite gummy

She keeps asking what this dicarbonate stuff is and I keep telling her she has to do enough napping to stay up late enough to finally watch the second half of Empire Strikes Back. Yes, my kid knows more about chemistry than Star Wars. We're odd even amongst nerds.

Peo biting Carbonite gummy

Mmm, chewie. (Yes I'm making that joke for the second time, because it's still amusing me.)

Peo with Carbonite gummy in her mouth

The awesome/terrifying thing about kids this age is you get exactly what you ask for. I asked, "Where'd Han Solo go?" and this was the response. Click! Awesome photo. Apologies to her future dining partners since I'm apparently not teaching her any manners.

Evidence definitely eaten! Nom nom nom!

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