Stained Glass Gummy Goodness

Oh look, a beautiful bit of churchy stained glass in a window.

rainbow stained glass

Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Hang on…

closer to rainbow stained glass

That’s no moon stained glass. It’s a space station bunch of gummies.

It’s a bunch of Han Solo in Carbonite gummies in rainbow colours made to look like stained glass.

gummy carbonite stained glass

Crap, one of 'em is upside down. Click for a larger pic.

Yes, I am that wrong.

The idea came to me and I was amused, so I did it the day before I went down to the Houston cake club’s Day of Sharing (more on that later) so I could serve up these and the remainder gummies made from each colour batch to the attendees. I covered some acetate sheets in plastic wrap and stuck the gummies on, then put another sheet over the top to hold them there and used packing tape to tighten the sides and stick the whole business on our back door.


Maybe I should use this as a new header graphic or something. It’s like a nerd-pride banner of sweet rainbow goodness:

rainbow gummy bar of solos

Guess he's not Solo anymore eh? Eh? See what I did there? Okay I'm tired, never mind...

Am I the only one who desperately wants an animated version to start doing a Rockettes number set to Weird Al’s “Perform This Way”? Okay, probably, yeah…

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2 Responses to Stained Glass Gummy Goodness

  1. Hee! You are pretty wrong, in a good way! lol

  2. Kimberly Jennery says:

    LOL I love it! 🙂

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