Last Call for Turkey Cake Class

There are still only two people signed up for the class I’m volunteer-teaching for the Austin cake club next weekend to make this cake:

Turkey Cake

If more don’t register soon either online or at Make It Sweet’s store, the class will be cancelled.

I know many of you reading aren’t in the Austin area and therefore can’t attend, but there’s still a reason for you to help: if the class goes ahead, I’ll be preparing an in-depth handout for the class and I’ll make that available for sale here for a pretty cheap price. If the class gets cancelled, I probably won’t ever bother writing that document.

So if you’re interested in learning to make this cake – which is a great beginner fondant cake but with options to interest more experienced bakers too – please help spread the word fast.

For the record, not only am I not being paid for this class, but I’ve already spent time and money toward it. So I’m not looking to profit here.

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