Storage and Banana Bread

Two quick updates today to close out the holidays:

1) I made some of Breadtopia’s Moist Whole Wheat Banana Bread and it is lovely. I followed the recipe exactly. It is fairly sweet for “bread”, more cakey really, so next time I might do a little less sugar. But it’s nice. I recommend it.

2) I’ve been cleaning up my cake decorating tools in advance of working on my entry for the Austin cake show at the end of February. No, I’m still not doing another show cake. But I do have two smaller things in mind.

As part of the cleanup, I wanted to get all of my candy molds better organized, so I tried various things and ended up getting some plastic pegboard from the hardware store, plus some 10″ pegs, and put the whole thing up in a corner of the kitchen. Now that stuff is visible, but out of the way, and no longer being crushed in drawers and at the back of pantry shelves. The pegboard stuff is inexpensive and versatile, so if you’re looking for a way to store decorating or other craft stuff, check that out as an option.

I’ve also put my spools of ribbon up there, plus some hand tools that have hanging holes, like my large offset spatula and my good pizza cutter. I’m planning to put some of my large, difficult-to-store cookie cutters and gumpaste cutters up there as well, some in ziplock bags with a hole poked through at the top to hang by.

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