Experimenting with Social Media and Edible Media

I am attempting to see what happens when I host an On-Air G+ Hangout while decorating. I’m posting the link below and in theory, it’ll show up as live for those who come see while it’s going, and a YouTube video saved for later once it’s done.

Warning that while I’ve asked participants to be PG, it may contain content unsuitable for minors or sensitive viewers. This will be unedited until I change this message to say otherwise. View at your own risk.

Update: Nobody really came in for long so it’s just me babbling as I make cake for a bit over an hour. I’ll do another one this evening. Follow me on Google Plus to see when it’s starting.

Update 2: Here’s part two, where I covered the cake with buttercream and ended up talking about the Austin Cake show with Kyla Myers:

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2 Responses to Experimenting with Social Media and Edible Media

  1. Bunny Roberts says:

    Thank you for the hang out, I loved it. Please let me know when your doing it again.

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