Last Chance for Mini Turkey Cake Class!

If you want to take my Mini Turkey Cake class – which is an excellent beginner-level fondant class! – you need to sign up before Saturday morning:

We’ll be making the little ones shown in this picture, but it easily scales up to the large ones:

Turkey Cakes

Click for larger image.

It’s only $45, which is a very low price for a cake class. All supplies are included, you’ll go home with your own creation, and then be prepared to make something for Thanksgiving that will wow your family and friends. I also make these for school bake sales (in fact the batch in the picture were for my daughter’s school last year), and you can too! Imagine how great you’ll feel when other folks show up to the bake sale with store-bought cupcakes and you show up with a half dozen of these beauties!

It’s technically an adult-level class but I’m perfectly happy to teach responsible teens too. Heck, if you want to come with a pre-teen kid along with you, that’s cool by me.

I’m hoping to have an infant in the house by this time next year so I will not be offering this class again in the near future. I may post the PDF for sale, but if you want in-person help and instruction, this is your last chance for a very long time!

Even if you’re not in the Austin area, please tell your friends who are, especially the ones who always say, “Oh, I could never make that!” Because they can. And then they can eat the evidence. Nom nom gobble nom.

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