Quick Food Tip – Keeping Breakfast Warm

I love fried eggs but hate them cold. I learned years ago that part of the secret to keeping them warm is to serve them on a warm plate.

To do this, right before my eggs are ready I wet my hand, rub it on the underside of my plate (I use Corelle plates for most meals), and then microwave it for 10-15 seconds.

I then wipe off any excess water, put the plate on an oven mitt so the counter doesn’t suck the heat out, and then serve my eggs right out of the pan onto the warm plate.

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3 Responses to Quick Food Tip – Keeping Breakfast Warm

  1. for Dinners (like a big holiday dinner) I loaded my dish washer and turned to dry (heated) and heated all the dinner plates at once. It was the only time i used the heater in the dishwasher (holiday dinners) So much easier than the oven which is busy!

    • I can definitely see that as great for multiple plates!

      And yeah, I usually turn off the Heated Dry setting on our dishwasher too, so that'd be the only reason I'd use it as well. Lucky for me I never entertain that many guests! 😀

      Great tip!

  2. Kehaochem says:

    Well, thats a useful tip. I used to keep food near my mastercook, but it didn't really work 😛

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