Random Cake Decorating Quick Tip #1

I should start doing more of these.

You can use white gel food colouring to create really cool effects on dark fondant. My avatar all over the internet is this fondant Marvin. His head is made out of black fondant and his eyes are painted on with Wilton White-White:

Fondant Marvin with White Food Colouring Face

Be careful because as you can see, the smallest smear shows up.

You can also mix other colours with it. Here I mixed a tiny amount of green to make a spray paint colour to be painted on the brick wall (which was individually made and laid fondant bricks, glued in with royal icing):

Han Shot First painted in food colouring on fondant brick wall

Here I used the smear deliberately to make it look like spray paint.

If you mix neon colours – such as Americolor’s Electric line – into the white and then paint that on black fondant, you can get a really good neon sign effect:

Milliways neon sign made with food colour and black fondant

The neon effect can be quite striking.

All of these examples are from my 2010 Alien Film Festival show cake for the Austin cake show. On that page, you can also see how sometimes the white got muddied with other colours: that seems to happen if you try to paint the white over another painted colour, particularly black. So stick to painting it on fondant with black already mixed in, because that works better.

If you like this quick tip and want me to do more of them, let me know!

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2 Responses to Random Cake Decorating Quick Tip #1

  1. Martha Tackett says:

    This is so neat. I would be happy with the talent you have in your little finger!

    • You're sweet, Martha, but honestly the neon trick on black is really cool and easy. 🙂

      I won't pretend having Marvin stand on those ridiculously skinny ankles was easy, but the neon sign was!

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