Free Hugs For Your Face

I recently made some cookies with nerdy things on them to send to friends. I will protect their privacy but I still want to show the rest of you the nerdtasticiosity. Yes that’s a real word: I’m a perfeshunal writer.


First up: one each of every Sonic Screwdriver used by Doctor Who. I used this wonderful art by CosmicThunder on DeviantArt as a guide. I printed them and put clear packing tape on both sides of the paper. Then I cut them out so I could roll the cookie dough and cut the shapes out with a knife. Then I propped them up by the cookies as I applied the royal icing, and later again as I used an edible ink black marker to add details.

sonic screwdriver cookies

Tasty and they fix everything in the universe, including plot holes. Oh snap! Heh heh heh.

Next: I promised some Google staffers cookies if they fixed problems I was having with the G+ page belonging to a character from my latest novel. They fixed the page, so I made them cookies! I figured if they were having a bad day it might be fun to chomp their work logos, and if they were having a good day then they could absorb the Powers of Google by nommage. Again, that must be a real word because I’m a perfeshunal writer.

I was a bit disappointed in how my Google logos turned out, and at the later bleeding of the red on the G+ logos, but I don’t think the recipients minded either issue. Funny how free tasty cookies can enhance aesthetic appreciation that way.

Lastly, I made a friend some facehugger cookies because they asked and that amused me. If you don’t know what a facehugger is and you’re reading this because you’re young and this is a family-friendly blog, then I assure you that it’s a very sweet and loving alien creature who just really wants to hug your face and stuff chocolate into it. Yep. That’s all. Nothing terrifying here whatsoever.

As with the screwdrivers, I found a picture online (in this case of the plush toy, which only emphasizes how entirely family-friendly and non-scary these creatures are, really really), printed it to the size desired, taped either side, cut it out, and used that as a template to cut the cookies and later decorate them.

Alien facehugger cookies

The trick to getting the knobbly look is to do every other blob bit first and let those set up, then go back and do the others in between. The trick to being willing to stick one of these in your mouth is starting off with a twisted mind.

facehugger cookie detail

Detail of a facehugger. Although if anyone can tell me why I keep getting those bubble-sink-holes in my royal icing despite all attempts to reduce such things in the first place, I’d be obliged!

I also started an experiment with this cookie batch that isn’t quite finished yet, but pay no heed to the cackling you hear from my kitchen. I’m sure your memory of said cackles won’t persist anyway. You’ll just have to stay tuned for more.

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2 Responses to Free Hugs For Your Face

  1. Kara says:

    THIS is why my husband continues to refer to you as “the cool cake lady”.

    So much nerdtastic awesomeness contained in one post is why we love you.

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