Easy 3D Candy-Filled Valentine’s Day Cookies

If you do any amount of cake decorating, chances are you have a variety of heart-shaped cutters, molds, impression mats, etc. Heck, I’ve got so many that I don’t even know where they all came from, since some were in event goody bags or somehow just wandered into my kitchen and made themselves at home. The heart shape is probably the single most common shape in the cake and cookie fields.

Make use of your heart-shaped tools for this Valentine’s Day by making a bunch of 3D Candy-Filled cookies topped with whatever design suits what you have on hand.

Start with the base cookie directions on the 3D Baseball Caps post to make as many candy-filled cookies as desired, or if you’re twisted like me (because I’m the sort of mom who brought this to a classroom full of six year olds) make heart cookies filled with chocolate-flavoured, disturbingly realistic fake blood like these eyeball cookies.

Either way once you’ve got your base cookies ready, cover them with white, red, or pink fondant, then add heart-shaped embellishments as desired.

For the cookie below, I used the CelShapes Lattice maker with pink Satin Ice in the heart-shaped portion, draped onto a white background over the cookie. Then I used the smallest of a set of 3 plastic heart plunger cutters to make a bunch of little pink hearts and stuck them around the base.

heart cookie from above

The Lattice Maker lets you pretend you have skills!

If some of your cookies come off the pan slightly dented on one side, simply turn that dent to your advantage by putting it at the top of the heart as I did with this one.

heart cookie from side

But pay no attention to the dent in the fondant that’s showing the dark cookie underneath. I guarantee you that the recipient of this tasty treat paid it no heed!

The lattice maker takes some practice to work without tearing and may not be something everyone has, but you can just as easily use graduated heart cutters to make concentric heart cut outs, or a fancy floral heart mold, or any other tool you have on hand.

heart cookie mini hearts detail

Mini plunger cutters make your decorating life so much easier. They’re worth the price above a non-plunger cutter for mini shapes because you can work super-fast without having to poke out shapes, which can distort them.

Another great use for those plunger cutters – and a fun way to make very personalized candies to go inside your cookie – is to make homemade conversation hearts and use edible ink markers to write whatever suits your needs on them. The plunger cutter lets you stamp out tons of little candies super fast, then just let them dry overnight and write on them the next day. When I’ve done this for my daughter’s school Valentine’s Day parties, they’ve been a huge hit.

I may have also once made some with a Wolverine theme

Wolverine conversation hearts

Mmm, Wolvie angst represented in wee sweetie form.

I should probably make some kind of 3D candy-filled Wolverine cookies. I’ll get right on that as soon as I have time to do the Death Star cookies I promised from the R2D2 cookie post. The problem with making anything Wolverine and edible is keeping it family friendly for this blog. Ahem. Double ahem. * innocent eyes *

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4 Responses to Easy 3D Candy-Filled Valentine’s Day Cookies

  1. The_L says:

    That gummy heart is AWESOME. Where did you find an anatomic heart mold?

  2. Christine Cantrell says:

    How cute is that!! Very clever Miss Kimberly.

  3. Such fun beauties!Your cookies are ideal for valentines day..Those are so charming!You have way more persistence than me and it pays off!You generally have the best thoughts.Thank you.

    Amie Stark.

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