3D Blood/Candy Filled Gravestone Cookies

I’m up to my blood-filled eyeballs in preparation for the big Birmingham cake show, but I wrote a guest post for It Takes A Village To Raise a Mother all about how to make 3D filled cookies without the need for a special cookie cup pan as with my usual 3D cookies.

I’ve designed this project to be super-basic in terms of items you probably already have in your kitchen and with lots of options for how to work around if you don’t. So if you want a fun baking activity this weekend with your kids (or without!), have a go at these:

tombstone cookies

Some have my fake edible blood inside, some have candy, some have both!

It Takes A Village To Raise a Mother is a really great parenting support blog, so if you are feeling overwhelmed by your kids or just want to nod and smile along to some great articles about coping with little ones, check it out.

peo eating cookie

Peo says, “Happy Halloween!” Okay actually she was saying, “Om nom nom!” because she’s the one who made these cookies!

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