Bacon Pancakes, Makin’ Bacon Pancakes

Some of you may be aware by now that I have a slight fandom for Hugh Jackman and Wolverine.

Wolverine Fan Girl Ultra Cake

Rendering someone in three feet of modelling chocolate is totally not indicative of obsession, is it? Nor is carrying around the head afterwards for years and years. Much.

So it would not be that surprising that my friends would make sure I was aware of this:

Good morning….

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I didn’t even realize at first – in part because I was giddy with the sheer amount of awesome going on there – that that’s not even Jackman’s voice. He’s lip syncing to a clip from Adventure Time:

Since my nine year old daughter Peo is really into Adventure Time comics but hasn’t gotten around to seeing the show yet, I showed her these clips.

And lo, the child became obsessed with the idea of bacon pancakes.

So after much begging, today I finally let her have some. I fried up two pieces of the awesome bacon we’ve been getting from the farm shop down the road, took them out long enough to drain the fat out of the pan, put them back in, and then put a dollop of my standard pancake batter with chocolate chips in it on top.

pancake batter over bacon

After a few minutes I flipped them over, although I probably should have waited a bit longer because the batter against the pancake hadn’t cooked through enough.

bacon pancakes flipped

So I turned them back over for a bit more cooking, and then put them on a plate.

bacon pancakes

And then Peo – still in her Batman jammies – ate them.

Peo eating pancakes

She asked, “Bacon and chocolate…is that even LEGAL?!” And then she shoved it in her face with glee.

You’d have thought it would have stopped there.


I made the mistake of pointing out that Batman had eaten bacon pancakes. So Peo was compelled to make movies of her various toys covering this amazing news, and I don’t see why I should have to suffer alone in watching them, especially since halfway through watching them she confessed that mostly they’re excuses for her to keep singing the song. And she wanted them shared with the world with the titles as stated below, so here you go. You’re welcome/I’m sorry.

Minifig News Part 1

Minifig News Part 2

Websteria News Part 1

Websteria News Part 2

Negative News

Action Figure News

At least she exercised off the calories, I guess?

And lest you think that you can escape this songfest by not clicking the video links, she’s also rendered it in Stick Figure News.

comic panel

comic panel

comic panel

comic panel

comic panel

comic panel

It’s extra funny that her stick figure Batman looks like Finn from Adventure Time.

So be careful what you feed your kids or you too may suffer the fate of being sung the Bacon Pancake song for hours on end!

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