Choco-Strawberry Croissant of Goodness

The other day I took a croissant out of the freezer and before warming it in the microwave, sliced it and stuffed in a few Ghiradelli 60% dark chocolate chips. It was yummy.

I was about to do something similar this evening with a fresh croissant when Corran mentioned that there were fresh strawberries in the fridge.



So I put about this many of the 60% dark chips in a bowl:

Chocolate Chips


Microwaved them slowly and stirred frequently until they were melted:

Melted Chips

Smell that? Ohhh yeahhh...

Got two berries and a croissant:

Berries and Croissant

It's got real fruit so that makes it health food!

Cut up the berries and realized two was a bit much, ate some, then spread the choco-goo on the croissant:

Chocolate Spread on Croissant

Farfel never looked so good.

Then stuffed the berries in:

Chocolate Strawberry Croissant Sandwich

"CHAWWWWC-" *muffle*muffle*muffle*chomp*

Then ate it while contemplating all of the not-very-family-friendly names I wanted to give this concoction but let’s just say a lot of them involved words that rhyme with “chasm”.

But it could be even better. It could be so good that my ability to think of words would be entirely suspended. More experimentation is required. In particular, it needs more chocolate, only one large berry, and I think the berry slices should be patted dry because the chocolate was seizing a bit with the liquid. Also, the whole thing should be microwaved for a few seconds just to warm it up and help keep the chocolate gooey.

Stay tuned, more chasms to come. Um…erm…I meant more later. Yes.


UPDATE: A few days later I tried again with a handful of the chocolate chips and two small strawberries. I sliced the berries into larger chunks for less surface area and blotted the wet sides. I also warmed the whole thing up for 8 seconds in the microwave. It was chasm-tastic if you know what I mean, nudgenudgewinkwinkSAYNOMORE.

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2 Responses to Choco-Strawberry Croissant of Goodness

  1. schedule5 says:

    That looks absolutely divine! And it's a fruit portion too. Bonus!

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