I won at Firefly Confections!

Firefly Confections has a new blog and asked people to comment for a giveaway. I commented mostly to support a new blog, because I know what it’s like to hear those crickets chirping and wonder if anyone’s reading.

But then lo and behold, I won the giveaway! And what a prize pack! I love Elissa Strauss and her books, but only ever borrowed them from the library on account of trying to not buy every awesome cake book that comes out (we’d need another house if I bought every craft book that captures my heart!). So I’m having a major squee for winning a copy.

Plus Firefly is sending one of their tote bags filled with cookies (I chose chocolate chip and I’m pre-drooling), The Sweetest Affair is sending a bouquet of lollipop flowers, Eye Candy Event Details is sending their “Think Spring” stationery collection, Moodylicious Gourmet Skincare is sending their Moodylicious Espresoo Scrub & Coffee Blend and Wicked Chocolate Face Frosting package, Peace of Jewlery is sending a pair of earrings, and Tag Me Chic is sending some glittery gift tags!

Wow! I’m so humbled and grateful!

Makes me think I should do a giveaway here to get attention, but I don’t know so many fab producers of stuff to give away. I could always buy some Biscuit Brothers stuff and send that (oh they’d be nice and give it to me for free but I don’t work this hard to get people to donate to them just to get free stuff for myself, that’d be counter-productive). I could put together a PDF package of handouts I’ve done at various cake club events, which are usually restricted to club members. Not sure if that’d entice anyone. I could knit something but I’m way behind in other knitting donation commitments. I could buy a couple of extra cake decorating tools that are my faves, but I’m not sure if enough people are reading to even learn about the giveaway and come to comment anyway. Hrm.

Let’s see…if you’re reading this and are at all interested in me doing some kind of giveaway, speak up. I’d need to see a reasonable amount of interest in the concept because otherwise my volunteer life has me pretty tied up right now. Or if someone says something like, “Hey Kim if you give away X not only will I want to win it but I’ll tell all my hundreds of friends too!” then that’ll definitely light a fire under my lazy backside! Or even better, if you say, “Hey Kim, do a giveaway and I’ll donate this cool item!”

Or not. That’s okay too. 🙂

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3 Responses to I won at Firefly Confections!

  1. Teal Cuttlefish says:

    Letting you know I read. That is one awesome giveaway you won!

    I am pretty behind on my crafting as well, so I don't have any exciting things to offer for a giveaway, but I'm also not necessarily reading for the giveaways.

    Though I would certainly play if you had one. *grin*

  2. Jennifer says:

    You should only do a giveaway if you want to, not because people want to win free stuffs. That said… if you DO do a give away (hehe… do do *snickers*)… I'll donate one of my knitting patterns if you want. You can pick one, or winner's choice.

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