Link: Giveaway of Austin Family Music Festival Tickets

I’m still considering what I can do for a cake-related giveaway on this blog, but in the meantime here’s an awesome giveaway at LiveMom! You can win tickets to the Austin Family Music Festival here:

And please spread the word!

PS: This is at least tangentially cake-related because Capital Confectioners will be hosting a cupcake decorating table at the event! For a mere buck a cupcake, you and your kids can pipe on some buttercream and toss on some sprinkles for a yummy, creative treat right there on the Magical Musical Farm. I’ve run the kids’ table at the Austin cake show for several years now and I know first-hand that kids have ridiculous amounts of creative fun doing this. Parents can be assured that their kids will be running off all that sugar in the wide, open, gorgeous fields of Pioneer Farms (the real-life name of the Magical Musical Farm). Or, you know, make the cupcake and find Buford* and give it to him. He likes cupcakes.

* Disclaimer: Buford has not approved this message. Please limit cupcake donations to Buford to, oh, let’s say a dozen. Let’s not make Buford a musical diabetic in one day.

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