Have A Nice Day

Gummy Smiley

Gummy Smiley

Awww. Isn’t he cute? You know you want one, if only to nom his head while you cackle madly.

Super-easy, fast, and cheap to make. So fast that it took me longer to put together a post featuring this photo as an ad for Capital Confectioners’ Day of Sharing than it did to make that guy and his friends in the first place.

He’s got other friends on the same plate of experimental goodness in the fridge too:

Gummy experiment plate

Peek a boo! WE SEE YOU!

In about half an hour, my five year old will find out that some of the experimental subjects have escaped the lab and infiltrated her lunch:

Bento lunch with fruit, cheese, gummy, and a brownie

"You just stay here, and make sure the brownie doesn't leave the lunch box. All right?"
"Uh, can the brownie leave the box with us?"
"No no no. You just keep it in here, and make sure -"
"Oh, yes, we'll keep it in here, obviously. But if it had to leave and we were -"
"No, no, just keep it in here -"
"Until Peo, or anyone else -"
"No, not anyone else, just Peo -"
"Just Peo."
"- comes to eat it. Right?"
"Right, we'll stay here until Peo comes to eat it."
"And make sure the brownie doesn't leave."
"Make sure the brownie doesn't leave!"
"What, this bloody great brown thing behind us?"
"Yes, make sure the brownie doesn't leave!"
"Oh, yes, of course. I thought you meant him. It seemed a bit daft, me having to guard him when he's another Lego gummy minifig like myself. Also, we don't have faces, so I can't see a bleedin' thing."

You too can have this much fun with your food! Just register for Day of Sharing or for my gummy class. If you’re not in the Austin area and interested, say so in the comments because if there’s enough interest, I’ll put together a PDF or maybe even a video for sale with proceeds benefiting Capital Confectioners.

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  1. schedule5 says:

    Please put together a saleable tutorial of some description. It's much easier to do it while you're doing the tutorial than afterwards. I couldn't buy it currently, but it would go way near the top of my "when I get a paying job" list, and it would be horribly disappointing if it didn't exist!

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