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The turkey cake class got cancelled due to insufficient sign-ups (and then enough people tried to sign up after it was cancelled…figures…), but the cake club’s loss is Ace Academy’s gain since it left me with more time to make extra turkey cakes to donate to their Primary Classes Bake Sale tomorrow.

No wait…it’s 2:38 am…today.


Anyway, I made two full-sized (French vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream) and experimented with making some mini turkeys using Wilton’s mini sports ball pan. I also experimented with a gingerbread cake recipe (and by “experiment” I mean “forgot to put the egg in” and it turned out quite delicious and nicely dense anyway) and orange-flavoured buttercream. Yummy.

Here they are:

Turkey cakes

Big and small turkey cakes. Click the image for a larger pic.

Here’s a close-up of one of the wee ones (which should have gone faster and would have if I’d made larger feathers but I just couldn’t bring myself to do a lazy job):

Mini turkey cake

They're about the size of a softball, although cuter and more delicious.

Hopefully they’ll get a good price and raise some money for the school’s literacy library!

PS: A sculpting tip: when making beaks, if you don’t want the bird to look freaked out, make the beak line curve up at the ends against the face in a little smile. Even if that’s not how a real bird looks, trust me on this. Going with a straight-lined beak-mouth under googly eyes always makes the poor things look panicked, and that’s not the look you want for a cute Thanksgiving turkey cake. I’m all for evoking images of terror in edible media, but not so much mingled with the cute. Let’s not deliberately make the children cry, mmkay? Therapy is expensive.

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