Monte What-I-Had-In-My-Fridge-O Sandwich

I saw this great cooking video on Google+ today about something called a Monte Cristo sandwich, which is basically an egg-dipped, fried ham and cheese sandwich. Check it out below (contains some swearing, which I think is funny but might offende sensitive viewers and may be NSFW or around children, even though I let my kid watch it…what-evs, just don’t get mad at me over it):

I thought, “Hey, that looks good! Except for the ham. And I don’t have white bread. And all we have in the house right now cheese-wise is sharp cheddar. And there’s that leftover rotisserie chicken that needs eating.”

So I slapped some mayo on some whole wheat bread, put down some slices of sharp cheddar, tossed on some leftover bits of chicken, added another cheese layer, and topped it with another mayo’d slice of whole wheat bread. Yes, I totally just verbed mayo. Go with it. Remember, I’m a professional writer.

Then I beat up an egg with a bit of milk, soaked it all up in the bread on both sides, and fried it low and slow until it was brown.

It looked like this:

Monte Cristo chicken sandwich

Mmm, toasty.

That is, it looked like that very briefly, because in short order I nomed it into oblivion. Or as Hilah puts it in her video, I put it in my face. That line, incidentally, is the phrase du jour in the house today as my six year old insists on repeating it constantly.

Anyway, it was very tasty. This methodology will likely adapt well to whatever you have lying around that you like on warm sandwiches. Plus, it’s adding protein to the bread for those of us who are always looking to up the protein-to-carb ratio. Ooo, I can hardly wait until the next time we have leftover roast beef…

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2 Responses to Monte What-I-Had-In-My-Fridge-O Sandwich

  1. @Momma_oz says:

    LOVED the video so totally thanks for the share 🙂 Love the phrase put it in my face but ALSO loved when she said – it's very a licious. – cuz I'd totally say that 🙂

    • kimberlychapman says:

      My kid is still doing the dainty-squares-in-my-face line. Even yesterday at dinner.

      Hilah is hilarious and if I'm the first to make that joke then the Internet needs to be punched. 😉

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