Biscuit Brothers Holiday Cake

I’ve been remiss in posting photos of several of my recent cakes. Since the guys asked me to post these, though, I’ll at least put up pictures of this cake that was donated to The Biscuit Brothers for their annual holiday fundraiser.

It was three tiers of vanilla and chocolate, covered in fondant. The bottom layer featured hand-carved fondant letters for their logo (which made me wish I had one of those infernal Cricut Cake machines halfway through), mounted on a red, brown, and burgundy painted faux motif to resemble their classic fence. The middle layer included molded red wafer-chocolate instruments I made with the First Impressions Musical Set mold (which turned out to be even smaller than I thought when I ordered it). I also lightly embossed the green ribbon on the middle layer with a small note-shaped cookie cutter. The top layer featured double-bass fondant cutouts and a bow.

Click the images for larger versions.

Biscuit Cake 2011 - 1

Biscuit Cake 2011 - 2

Biscuit Cake 2011 - 3

Biscuit Cake 2011 - 4

Now I just need to go back onto my old computer to find the photos of last year’s cake and upload those. Um…eventually.

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