New Class/Event Listings

I’ve updated my calendar with several upcoming classes and cake events:

Monday, July 23 – Kid Kamp – Ages 4 to 10
Theme still not decided for certain, but there’s a good chance it’ll be using cutter shapes to make animal cupcakes. The theme is optional and fluid (mostly to accommodate a wide age/ability range and inevitable latecomers). Details and registration here.

Sunday, August 19 – Capital Confectioners Day of Sharing
Note that I’m just there as a volunteer and participant, not an instructor/presenter. Details and registration here.

Sunday, September 2 – Kid Kamp – Ages 4 to 10
No theme yet, so speak up if there’s one you’d like for your kids. Note that insurance requirements of the studio prohibit me from allowing kids to work with heat so I can’t do a gummy class for kids at this time. Details and registration here.

Sunday, September 9 – Flexible, Edible Stained Glass – Adult Cake Decorating Class
Learn my techniques for casting gummy sheets and turning them into beautiful works of edible art. Details and registration here.

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