Glow In The Dark Gummy

If that title didn’t make you do a double-take, squee, or at least start to twitch, you may need a direct-to-vein nerd transfusion.

So here it is:

Glow In The Dark Gummy - Glowing

It’s gummy. It’s glowing in the dark. What else does your life need?

If that doesn’t get your food-nerd heart beating, nothing will!

Here it is in regular light:

Glow In The Dark Gummy - Normal Light

Yes it’s a Han Solo in Carbonite. Yes, he’s upside down in the photo. I think that’s the least of his worries.

I made it with Clear Gummy and Glow In The Dark Petal Dust. The latter was generously given to me by the amazing Ruth Rickey, because she is one of my greatest enablers mentors! Ruth sells it on her website. You need some. You know you do.

The fine print: the GITD petal dust is in the pseudo-edible category, like so many things in high-end cake decorating. The label says, “Non-Toxic, For Decoration Only”. That means you can put it on edible things and it’s not going to poison anybody, and if some kid gobbles it up, it’s not going to hurt them, but really, it’s not intended for eating. It’s made to go on sugar flowers, which typically have completely inedible wire in them anyway. I’m just the sort of freak who adds it to gummy.

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2 Responses to Glow In The Dark Gummy

  1. Ruth Rickey says:

    As always Kimberly, you are fun and creative and just a tad bit off…in the best sense of that! I love how you approach edibles in new ways. Shear genius.

    • You're always so good to me Ruth…the GITD just being the physical symbol of that. Thanks again! And if you ever list it for sale online let me know…I'll put a link in the sidebar! Everyone should play with it!

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