Sunday Sweeted Again! Plus a Peek Into My Cake Cabinet…

I’m thrilled that one of my cakes has been featured on the Sunday Sweets segment of CakeWrecks!

Sunday Sweets: Beatle Mania

Mine is the one with the Rattles on it:

Sunday Sweets Rattles

My sugar mice being the Rattles as a joke version of the Beatles.

More pics, including several in-progress, are here.

As of this posting, they don’t know it’s my cake, but I have posted a comment to let them know. I also posted a comment identifying the first cake since it too was from an Austin cake show.

This cake still happens to live in my cake cabinet. Yes, I have a cake cabinet, and it’s full, which is why Wolverine had to be destroyed. Except for his head. Which is also in the cabinet, except when it travels. Wanna see? Of course you do.

Cake Cabinet

Yes, that’s a basket of laundry beside it. That’s how fancy we roll in this house.

Okay, from the top down, here’s what’s on/in the cabinet:

On top, mostly not seen in the photo, are two of the layers of the 2010 Alien Film Festival show cake. They’re in the wrong order because I took it apart to transport it home, but a friend and I temporarily put the third floor on the first floor just to fit it into my car. Except then it stuck there, and no amount of wrestling will get it off. The piece of paper sticking out from below it is catching the slow drip of the remnants of the Dalek victim. More on that below.

The top shelf in the cabinet has the Musical Mice cake, with some of the figures from Corran’s 2010 Monty Python birthday cake (and yes, I know, I’ve been promising more pics forever on that…eventually, eventually…), some of the mice from the 2007 Toddler Halloween cake, a ship from the Alien Film Festival cake, some of the penguins from the 2012 Day of Sharing cake (and I need to post more pics of that too…), and a flip-flop from a demonstration by Theresa Pipes at one of our cake club meetings.

The next shelf down has my apron from the 2010 show signed by Mike McCarey who wrote, ‘Your cake was “AMAZING”‘. I still get giddy whenever I look at that. It’s arranged in a way that lets me read it whenever I walk past. I don’t remember to very often, but perhaps I should, especially on low-self-esteem days. There are also more mice, spaceships, and penguins, and at the back is the cover from Corran’s D&D Monster Manual cake.

On the next shelf are yet more random figures, spaceships, etc. from the aforementioned cakes, many of which are sitting on the silver plate I got for winning the division with the Musical Mice. My medals for various wins are also there, plus some of Peo’s for her cakes entered into the show. Oh, and sitting on top of the medals is the Discworld from Corran’s Discworld birthday cake which has a whole how-I-made-it tutorial on the page. Wow. That was ages ago!

Next is the level with yet more random figures from cakes above along with some of the bunnies from the Enthought Easter cake and the Gorg from Peo’s Fraggle Rock cake (which has also been on Sunday Sweets). Behind those is a bubble-wrapped head of Shelob from Corran’s 2005 birthday cake, which also has a full how-I-made-it tutorial, including some secrets I accidentally discovered to creating realistic rock. The head of Wolverine is there, plus the foot from the Python cake. Tucked in the back is the CakeWrecks Wreckplica cupcake I made for their contest as part of their first book tour (and then couldn’t go because it was rescheduled on Peo’s birthday). That’s the only bit of real cake in there, by the way, and it’s completely mummified and not rotting.

The lowest level has a Wolverine claw tucked beside the other two floors from the 2010 Alien Film Festival cake, again, in the wrong order. Sitting on the tiled floor is a margarine lid with the liquefied remains of the Dalek victim. It turned out that enclosing fondant bones in the Jolly Ranchers meant there was still moisture in there, and over time it liquefied and remnants still drip from the layers on top of the cabinet. When I first put the figure on the margarine lid, it still had its original form but was sticky. In the years since, it has melted into a really cool anthropological-dig look. I should totally do a post about that someday, in all that same free time I have for posting more pics of the cakes. How apropos that it’s sitting behind the Marvin I now use as my avatar on almost every social media site; perhaps the way that Marvin appears to have turned his back on the victim’s remains has some deep meaning about my psyche. Nah…let’s go with the “too busy to post all the things!” notion instead…

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why the massive trophy I won for the 2010 cake isn’t near the cake cabinet, there’s a perfectly logical explanation for that: it lives on top of the ceramic Klein bottles I made instead, because they’re in a bigger cabinet:

Klein bottle cabinet

And of course the Klein bottle cabinet also contains some random bits from my eyeball collection that have spilled over from their own cabinet. Perfectly normal stuff everyone has in their household, right? Plus you can totally see reflections of my messy living room in the glass, and a bit of the backyard, including one of Peo’s science experiments on the table out there (that pink water bottle thing).

See? Perfect sense. In a Klein-bottle-universe sort of way.

Welcome to my home. This is how I live.

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