Hello Kitty “Wedding” Cake for Bake a Wish

‘Tis the season of giving, so when I saw a request on the Bake a Wish board for a girl turning 11 who wanted a Hello Kitty wedding-style cake (with assurances from the staff that they were only requesting a very small tiered cake with white fondant and green and pink decorations), I snapped it up. After all, I just bought a mini tiered pan set recently so how better to use it than for a donation to a Bake a Wish kid?

It also meant I had an excuse to use several of my prettier molds, plus some Disco dust I won at the 2011 Austin cake show. I’ve never made a wedding cake before since I don’t usually do cakes for sale and tend to skew more to the gross’n’nerdy stuff.

Thus, here is the Hello Kitty “Wedding” cake (name blurred out for security of the recipient):

Hello Kitty Wedding Cake

So it’s not exactly a tiny tiered cake at 13″ tall (not including the figure on top), in part because when I broke out the mini tiered set I decided that wasn’t much cake, so I added a bottom layer cut from a larger pan. Also, the recipient asked for it to be strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla, so that meant more cake to make in the first place. Thus I made the base layer one layer of each flavour, then the next two were chocolate, the next one vanilla, and the teeny tiny one at the top is strawberry.

Now I have a bunch of spare cake but that was part of the plan: I will turn that into cakeballs for my husband’s work party this weekend. Win-win!

The Hello Kitty figure is entirely fondant except for a toothpick inside holding her head on, plus obviously painted on the outside. I sprayed her dress with pearl spray and painted some more on the veil, plus I brushed those parts with white Disco dust while the pearl coating was drying.

Hello Kitty Wedding Figure - Front

It’s a deceptively easy figure to make with some basic sculpting skills. I started with a cone with a toothpick pushed all the way through so it could support the head and anchor the figure on the cake. Then I cut some concentric circles in thinly rolled fondant and used a ball tool to flare the edges. I wet those and layered them on the cone, going smaller as I went up.

Hello Kitty Wedding Figure - Right Side

Two thin sausages made the arms, and a flattened oval made the head. The most common problem I see with failed Hello Kitty figures is a round head. Just look at an actual Hello Kitty picture and it’s easy to see that she has a large oval head.

Then I added two little ears on the sides, again using a picture as reference.

The only advanced part was the veil, which I made with the same mold I used for the lace pieces elsewhere on the cake. It was my first time using that mold and it took several tries to get pieces out intact, but eventually I got the hang of it.

Hello Kitty Wedding Figure - Back

Her bouquet is simply tiny strips of pink fondant rolled into rosettes, fixed to a bit of green pushed into the same leaf border mold used elsewhere on the cake.

Hello Kitty Wedding Figure - Left Side

I also added some pink Disco dust to some of the hearts, which doesn’t photograph well but sparkles beautifully, especially under LED lights or sunlight.

Disco dust on fondant heart

I’ll be delivering this first thing in the morning to the requesting shelter. As always, we never get to see the recipients, but I hope the birthday girl likes it.

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8 Responses to Hello Kitty “Wedding” Cake for Bake a Wish

  1. Terry says:

    This is definitely a work of art.

  2. Michelle says:

    Kimberly – This is amazing! I can only imagine the little girl's pleasure on seeing this – thank you so much for giving your best to our Bake a Wish recipients. Beautiful work!

  3. Veronica M. says:

    Hi Kimberly,

    I work at the shelter where this cake was delivered, which is how I got your card and found your website! I was so curious as to how this turned out (and I know the birthday girl was super excited for it!!) and I figured a request like this would probably be up on your site! It is SO AMAZING!! And I wanted to thank you too for preserving the anonymity of our kids by blurring her name out as well. Thanks for all you do and I look forward to seeing more of your creations!

    (I have a food blog too and, though I used to bake and decorate cakes a lot, I really don't do much of that anymore… but wanting to get back into it! If you're interested though, my site is http://www.mywellfedlife.blogspot.com)


  4. imran says:

    excellent work, and for a kind cause, Well done

  5. nikky says:

    That was truly kind of you to make the wish of the little girl to come true. I am sure that the girl would have been overjoyed to get the kitty cake. And also thanks for posting it here as it had given me a perfect idea as to what type of cake to get for my 7 year old girl too.

  6. Ali says:

    Oh wow! That is fantastic. The intent behind the cake and the actual cake, too! I am in awe.

  7. Bride says:

    You must have made one of the greatest impression on the little girl. You have such a great heart

  8. Cute little cakes. My niece will these very much. Im thinking on making these cakes too.

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