Christmas Gummy Contest Wrapup

A couple of weeks ago I held a contest where I asked folks to make up silly versions of Christmas carols using themes from the Alien movies to amuse me after I made a red and green gummy candy version of an Alien head. It’s time to announce the winners! Okay it’s actually past time because I got busy with family stuff over the holidays, but at least I’m getting it in before the New Year…

With the help of some like-minded nerdy judge friends we came up with the following results:

[insert uber-dramatic and space-esque drumroll here]

In third place with a delightful parody of “O Holy Night” is Vivian!

In second place with a disturbingly cheery version of “Deck the Halls” is Lars!

And in first place with a deliciously wrong rendering – and I mean that in the tearing-limbs-from-their-sockets way – of “Carol of the Bells” is Amanda!


Of course, just to make things complicated, Scott came in late with a brilliant “Jingle Bells” parody that several of the judges wanted to be in first place. But it wasn’t fair to let him win after the deadline. However, we agreed that he deserved something, and it has occurred to me that the prizes offered were my three ebooks when really I have four since I have an old paid knitting pattern. So I’m going to give Scott a runner-up prize and also bump up the prizes for all other winners. Yay!

Thus, here is what the winners get (they should contact me with choices and/or alternate sending information):

Amanda, you get a free copy each of “Finding Gaia“, “Flexible, Edible Stained Glass“, “Cute and Easy Turkey Cakes“, and “Knitted Alphabet in 3D“. You can take them all for yourself or direct me to send any of them to any other person you wish, in case there are some that don’t interest you or you already have.

Lars, you can pick any three of those, Vivian can pick any two, and Scott can pick one. But everyone give me a couple of days to get the holiday over with and then I promise I’ll deliver!

Thank you to everyone who participated, included the judges who wished to remain anonymous. For those who missed the contest, I might find an excuse to do something similar in the future so be sure to subscribe to the blog to be in on it next time!

Gummy Alien Head - Front

Mmmmm, chestbursty…in fruity flavours!

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