Clear Gummy Recipe Posted!

At long last I’ve posted the recipe for Clear (as in colour-free) Gummy:

part of a sailboat made in the gummy stained glass technique

The sails are Clear Gummy cast thin with nothing else added. The light blue is Clear with the tiniest amount of blue added. The green and darker blue are both Basic Gummy.

Up until now this recipe was only available in my Flexible, Edible Stained Glass ebook. But now that all three of my gummy recipes are here on the website, I can finally catch up on posts about the various pieces I’ve made using the recipes, including my Austin cake show stuff from February and a piece I just did last week for a San Antonio show. Spoiler alert: I have a shiny new ribbon!

I’ll try to get those other posts out as fast as possible, given the real-life stuff I have going on.

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