That’s No Ordinary Rabbit Cookie!

Would you like to make some easy, adorable, candy-filled bunny cookies for Easter? Of course you would!

bunny cookie

It’s hiding candy inside itself! Sneaky Easter Bunny!

These basic bunnies are a kid-friendly craft to share with the whole family. Start by making the base cookie pre-filled with candies of your choice as shown here in the Baseball Cap Cookies Tutorial.

Roll out some white fondant, brush the cookie with some water-thinned corn syrup (or golden syrup), and apply the fondant, trimming at the bottom. If you have graduated circle cutters you can cut circles in advance to minimize trimming, just be sure to cut circles large enough to drape down the height of the cookie.

Use a smaller circle cutter (or freehand) to start the legs. Cut a circle in half, then trim out a foot shape with a knife as shown below:

cut an angle out to form a foot

Cut on the opposite side on the other half of the circle for the other leg, and affix them in place with a bit of water as shown on the cookie below:

completed bunny cookie

For the ears, I used some graduated pointy petal cutters I have in a big set, but you could use any long oval cutters or just cut by hand. Cut larger shapes in white and then smaller in pink and put the pink on top of the white. Affix them to the body in any style you choose using a bit of water. Try different positions and see how that affects the mood of your bunny! Here I gave them a bit of a bend as I put them on.

For the front paws, roll a little fat oval of white fondant and cut it in half lengthwise. The flat cut line is the bottom of the paw. Use whatever tool is handy to make two indentations to suggest toes and stick them in place with a bit of water.

The face is simply two tiny dots of black fondant (or you could draw them on with an edible ink marker, or use mini chocolate chips, or use candy eyes, or whatever you’ve got!) and a long pink dot for the nose.

The tail is a roughly made ball of white fondant stuck on with a bit of water and then poked a bit to make it look more fluffy. If you’ve got cotton candy on hand you could use that for tails too.

That’s it! Super easy and adorable for your Easter, right?

But I hear you all crying out, “WAIT! It’s NO FAIR baiting us in here with a Python reference unless you have a Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog cookie too!”

You’re right.

So I do.

BUT BEWARE!!! Because as Tim will tell you himself:

Tim the Enchanter

“If you brave knights do doubt your strength or your courage, come no further for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth!”

No, realli!

You must be very, very certain you wish to see this next cookie!

It is not for the faint-hearted or the easily offended!

Oh wait…nobody faint-hearted or easily offended reads this blog. Right. Carry on.




bunny cookies

“Why hello there, neighbour!”
“Erm, yes. Anyway, what say we hide some delicious and exciting treats for the youngsters to find?”
“Right-ho. Perhaps you haven’t had your morning cuppa yet?”
“Yes. Well then. I’ll just be over here celebrating a rather inexplicable merging of Pagan and Christian traditions in the form of leporid trickery upon the young primates, shall I?”

The Killer Rabbit is like the basic bunny above, only with little skinny, angled eyes to suggest anger and of course the nasty, pointed teeth, which are just shaped in white fondant. Make a rough, bloody mouth out of a bit of red and put the teeth on top.

And that’s it!

Because it would, of course, be wholly inappropriate to a spring festival celebrating goodness and rebirth to make a Killer Rabbit cookie filled with something other than candy. Something like, oh, I don’t know…fake chocolate-flavoured blood. Like I did with this eyeball cookie for Halloween.


Yeah I totally filled it with fake choco blood:

fake blood oozing out of cut cookie


Cream-filled eggs, eat your hearts out. Your gory, choco-blood-filled hearts.

OMG I should make an anatomically-correct 3D heart cookie filled with blood. Right after I make the 3D Candy Filled Death Star cookie I promised back here and the Wolverine one I promised/threatened here.

Who wants to come over and babysit so I can get more inappropriate cookies made? I pay in cookies!

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2 Responses to That’s No Ordinary Rabbit Cookie!

  1. EB :) says:

    Best Easter treats EVER! You continue to amaze me 🙂

  2. The_L says:

    You had me at “inappropriate cookies.” Sadly, there’s that pesky ocean in the way.

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