Bloody Recipes In The UK

Since moving to the UK I’ve had to convert a lot of my own recipes on the fly to accommodate the available ingredients.

For the record, I’ve just made a batch of my tasty, chocolatey edible fake blood using ingredients I can buy in the UK, some of which are imports but weren’t hard to find. I bought some Americolor Super Red from a cake supply shop online. Some stores list it as “craft uses only” because some of the food dyes are not approved by the EU, although from what I’ve learned from the local cake decorating club, these rules change all the time. I will keep it for private use only but I have no qualms about putting it on cakes.

I also bought some Hershey’s syrup from Tesco as a bit of a pricey import, and my preferred Special Dark variety isn’t available, but that seems to be the only chocolate syrup around.

And of course instead of corn syrup I used golden syrup. It worked just fine, although I did add about a half tablespoon of water because the golden syrup was slightly thicker than the corn syrup.

fake blood on hand

It looks just as awesomely icky as the stuff I made in the US.

blood jar 1

This is a totally normal thing to have in your kitchen, right?

blood jar 2

I mean it’s not like I took actual blood and made it into a pudding. Now that’d be weird. (shifty eyes)

I’ll go update the original post to say that you can use golden syrup and regular Hershey’s just fine.

Incidentally, this is all for a demonstration I’ll be doing on my 3D Candy Filled Cookies at the Cambridge branch of the British Sugarcraft Guild on July 18, 7:30 pm, at St James C Of E Church, Wulfstan Way, Cambridge, CB1 8QJ. If you’re in the area, come by and watch me blow the minds of traditional cake decorators!

Although some if it is also for a class I’m developing for next year’s big show in Austin so I can hopefully make my airfare cost back in class fees. More on that as the wrongness is researched and recorded…

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  1. Boas de Cama says:

    Wow! I'm going to do that!

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